First Steps

less than 1 minute read

Today I ran my first 5km race ever. It was difficult, I’m fairly exhausted from running it, but it was well worth the run. I expected it to take me somewhere around 40 minutes to finish (based on how long it was taking me in the gym). To my surprise, I finished in 34:31. Sub 35 minutes. Awesome. In my previous post about my goals for the year, I may have mentioned that I’m running 7 of these races, and now that I have a bar set, I can set some goals for the future races.

  1. Do a 5k completely running (no walking)
  2. Run 5k in under 30 minutes
  3. Run 5k in under 25 minutes

I think those are achievable goals that are also challenging enough that I’m not going to just complete them by the next race.

Next race is at the beginning of April, so 2 months to continue working. No rest.

But for a first set of steps, I think these were pretty good.