Endings and Beginnings

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In the last few minutes of 2016, I figure now is as good a time as any to write down some thoughts on the year.

2016 was an interesting. There’s obviously the global/ politcal perspective, but on a more personal level, its been a very interesting year. This was the first year which I have been working full time, which is definitely a change of pace from being in school. I was also able to travel this year and go to Denmark, Sweden (Malmo), and Germany.

With 2017, I’m hoping to set and meet some new goals. Mostly revolving around my personal health and my career. There’s the classic lose weight, eat better, sit less, ect ect. I’ve already at this point committed to running 7 races this year (little known fact, I’m a terrible runner :D, but that will change this year).

In terms of tech and career, I’m hoping to be able to continue to learn more technologies, as well as try and produce more finished and complete projects (I don’t think I completed a single one last year).

I’ve also decided that I want to use this forum more. Maybe just reviews, maybe just thoughts, but I have this website and I don’t post nearly often enough. That will change this year!

And as always, I’ll be continuing with these resolutions (but by this point they are more so just life mottos):

  • Be healthy
  • Be social
  • Be connected
  • Be creative
  • Embrace the uncomfortable

That’s all for 2016, here’s to 2017!

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